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Establishing 'Open Air Graffiti Art Galleries'. Such famous cities as Los Angeles, CA, St. Petersburg, FL and Milton Keynes, UK has expressed interest. Click
here or see our 'Graffiti Art' link. Share your thoughts? Our potential sponsors would love to know your thoughts.
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Our BOD, Dr. Armstrong, receives Prestigious Fulbright Scholarship!
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Beverly Steele, our Founder, is a 2015 WEDU TV
Be More Entrepreneurial Award Finalist.
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Our Royal Project 

Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. continues the Royal Historical Enrichment & Art Program (RHEAP) Program. The RHEAP program offers activities for Youth, Seniors & Elders and the '40 Acres & A Mule Experience' Historical tours. RHEAP is located in the  historic Community Of Royal (Wildwood), FL at the Alonzo A. Young, Sr. Enrichment & Historical Center.
For more information and images, see our creative solutions page.
Pictured above: one of the young participants. 


Part 1 of the Florida Crossroads Documentary Florida’s Black Heritage Trail : The Central Florida Region features the Community Of Royal, one of Florida's oldest African American communities where the freed slaves' descendants still own their 40 Acres & A A Mule.

The documentary is archived: to view Florida’s Black Heritage Trail: The Central Florida Region  visit http://thefloridachannel.org/programs-coverage/florida-crossroads   

MLK 2015

Pictured: some of the MLK 15 Sumter Student Participants
 at 2015 3rd Annual event.
3rd Annual Student Literary Contest Sumter County Awards Ceremony Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 11 a.m. Sumter County Professional Center, 200 Cleveland Ave., Wildwood, FL.  Students, from Sumter County middle and high schools, that entered their original Essay, Oratorical, Art, and Skit/Theatrical works, all of which celebrate this year’s theme, "Embracing the Dream" were recognized for their achievements.

L-R: Mrs. Brown, Ken Neal, Barbara Singleton-Gary, Mr. Brown and Steele- YPAs, Inc. Founder
Annual Community Of Royal
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Banquet- 2015. Featured: Donald L. Brown, author of "The Morphine Dream" an amazing story of one man's loss, gain and hope. A good friend to President Barack & Michelle Obama and a retired professor of African American history.

Arts Integration at WMHS!

"GEM" (Grade-level-wide Enrichment Model) is christened the WMHS arts integration program. What is arts integration? Arts integration is an approach to teaching and learning across content areas in which students experience, demonstrate, and deepen understandings through the arts. This project was introduced to Sumter District Schools and supported by Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. Click here, for flier and press release click here.
VSA Inclusion-Very Special Art for very special students!

Pictured: Ms. Mary Debose, Workshop Leader. YPAs, Inc. and VSAFL has presented 'Musical Art' to the students, with varying disabilities, at South Sumter High School and Wildwood Middle High School. Ms. Debose is a VSA Teaching Artist. VSA Teaching Artist info. Become a VSA Teaching Artist, apply here.


Honoring the life of the Late Rudy Bennett, who was hailed as the Michael Jordan of the International Basketball Association and was a tremendous visual artist, died. Rudy Bennett, whose artwork ignited a passion for 'the Arts' in our YPAs' organization founder's being, died. We now praise famous men and women, such as Rudy Bennett, God has manifested in them great glory and talents from the beginning. Click here, for more information and visit: www.RudyBennett.com.


Steele & other YPAs, Inc. volunteers: Michelle Pugh, Destini, Bobbi and Anthony 'Artoni' Fletcher attended the African Voices, Inc. Graffiti Conference on Saturday, May 10, 2014, New York City, USA
. The conference featured noted graffiti writers i.e. Cornbread the Legend, James Top and Lava1 & Lava2 plus others.


YPAs, Inc. touching Nigerian Children Lives!

Pictured:  Dr. Sonya Armstrong, YPAs, Inc. BOD, travels to Nigeria Africa to participate in conferences on how to teach children with autism. Dr. Armstrong combined Math and 'the Arts' for her demonstrations. YPAs, Inc. continues touching young people, across the world, with 'The Arts'.  More than 2000 in attendance. ***********************************************************


To all our sponsors and supporters!




For more scholarships and other opportunities for young artists see our Stuff for Young artists page.


Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. encourages the young artists of today who will keep the "Arts" of tomorrow alive! Assisting those who will make "The Arts" their life's worth and work!

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The  Results are IN:
2014 YPAs, Inc. Day of Stars
On Saturday, November 15, 2014, Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. presented their 6th statewide scholarship program entitled 'Day Of Stars'
featuring:  Dancers, Vocalists and Instrumentalists,
Wildwood Country Resort. Scholarships awarded. 
Co-Sponsored by: The Villages Showcase of Talent Club
For more information:
visit 'stuff for young artists' page.  

imageNina Morales, one of our young instrumentalist members, graduated June 2014 from Springstead High School and attends Harvard.
                 Laney Jones, 22, a YPAs, Inc. Vocalist Alum is attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. She was selected by Berklee to represent them at the Kennedy Center at a Master's Section Class where she was mentored by Allison Krauss. It will be aired on PBS in the near future and Laney will be showcased in the special. She has now written over 70 songs
and has published 2 CD's


WEDU announced that Whitany Lewis, a YPAs, Inc, alumnus & volunteer, was recognized as an individual, under the age of 21, who has distinguished herself in the community directly accredited to their inspiration, dedication, motivation, or acts of kindness.


Kandia Towns Vocalist Member
For more information: click stuff for young artists page;
to listen or visit youtube.


Pictured: Phil Scarpelli (Talk Show Host of Impact); Steele (YPAs, Inc. Founder); Ti'China Simmons (YPAs, Inc. vocalist member) after taping the Impact Show.
'GOLF FOR ART' 2015 - Wildwood

In 2014, YPAs, Inc. awarded $4000 in scholarships. 
Kellen Winslow, NFL Superstar and Hall of Famer placed during the 6th Annual Golf For Art tournament on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Pictured is the 1st team: 
Bill Hopson, Tony Johnson, Kellen Winslow (not pictured) and Steele, YPAs, Inc. Founder.
Golf For Art- Tampa 2015
or more information: youngartists@aol.com

School Cultural Art Education & Awareness program 2015
(For School age children only.)


2015 program planned activities: 
1) Caribbean Sound Steel Band In the Round Showcase. 


2) Magical 9 feet tall puppets performs classic children stories with lessons in character building, self- esteem, etc..

Annually, the program serves 4000 school age children. 

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Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc.
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